Essential Options and Choices for the Home Buying

Fortunately, we are already living at a time when consulting the land register is possible online and for free. On the real estate websites, you can generate a listing of the required real estate in the bookmark Viewing the Land Register and get basic information. However, if you want to have binding and complete information that is divided into the individual sections described above, you must obtain an original extract from the Land Register. You can get it for a fee online or physically, for example, at a Czech point branch, or directly at the cadastral office. You can visit for the proper support now.

  • So you can get basic information about the property very quickly. Are you unable to trace the housing unit in the land register? This is definitely the first warning signal. Furthermore, you can also check whether you are really going to buy an apartment or if it is not another property for example, a commercial space or a share in a family house without further definition. Also, make sure that you are actually dealing with the real property owner. If the apartment is part of the common property of the spouses, then the other spouse should always be present at the meeting.

It may happen that the apartment unit is recorded in a different way than expected. Is it stated that this is a commercial space? It can be a spacious studio, which is usually not approved for permanent housing so it is not possible to have a permanent residence here and does not meet existing hygiene standards for example, lighting, soundproofing, etc. Another negative factor of the studios is the fact that it is usually not adequate collateral for banks and therefore it is not possible to draw a mortgage loan without the guarantee of another property. All these factors, of course, reduce the purchase price of such an “apartment”. Although the dream apartment may seem perfectly suitable for living, it may actually be a non-residential space. Reconstruction of space for permanent housing is most often not possible.

In real estate websites, you will also find information on any contractual documents and liens. Is there a prohibition of alienation of property together with a lien? Then the current owner draws on a mortgage loan, which will have to settle when buying.

Is distrait tied to real estate?

Pay attention. Buying it won’t be that easy. Of course, you can click through the seller in the register of debtors, also in the Central Register of Enforcement, or elsewhere. However, it must be noted that, for example, there are no executions in the central register of execution which are not yet final. Therefore, you do not need to identify a potential problem. If the price of the apartment is suspiciously low and the seller is in a hurry to sell the apartment, it may be the reason for the impending insolvency and the subsequent problem is likely to fall even during the actual purchase.

This, of course, does not apply if you plan to buy an apartment directly from the distrainment. Many buyers are searching for public real estate auctions in order to save on the purchase price.