How Blogs were Introduced, And History of Travel blogs

In the Early days or years, the first blog was created by Justin Hall, he was swarth more college student in 1994, on those days they were not called blogs but just referred to as homepage then during 1997 the term ‘web blog’ was coined the travel blog is efficient through which it gives us the entire glimpse in a short period, In early days there were a problem with non –technical users who didn’t know much about HTML or computer programming. The earliest form of the commercial blog was the first business to consumer. Nowadays, a Modern blog includes an online diary where people would maintain accounts of the events about their personal lives. For a productive travel blog, you can visit can feed you with abundant information in travel blogging.

Gaining popularity:

It was a slow start then later, blogging rapidly gained popularity, there were simultaneously emerged arrival of blog tools, nearly by 2004, the blogs played a vital role in the lives of political consultants, travel blogs, was much preferable among those who performed it as full-time work it provided good supplement Income, they started uploading it even in social media in the name of travel vlog, the blog turned as it is in the form of video it also includes much interesting content like sharing personal experience about the journey, giving adequate information about the place like modes of transportation like buses, trains, and planes which are available to reach the destinations most easily and safely.

Experience and Life Hacks:

During a travel blog we tend to communicate with the people where we are about to visit the place through this communication, we could gain experience, Likewise, while travel we need to pamper our self with precautionary terms also with some bare travel life hacks, here are some refreshing ideas and life hacks which could be effective and useful to present a good and useful travel blog and tips to become an efficacious travel blogger

  • Essentials like having clothespin to cover the toothbrushes as hygiene are very important, taking shower gels, towels, casual wears, not heavy one this is because it will be useful while traveling.
  • Having comfortable seats while traveling even window seats if needed and also having vomit stoppers some basic doses as prescribed.
  • Making sure that our luggage is safe is rather important while traveling to long destinations.
  • Having pillowcases along with you to make yourself comfortable while traveling on buses and trains.


Travel guides usually have a book or audio format of a book which tells you about the transportation, accommodation, about the historical values of the monuments if it is a historically valuable place, the oldest form of travel guides are human each tourist place has many guides who knows multi-languages to guide the tourists from many other places of the world who takes them to the various spots available there if needed you can take help from them.


You can fetch these effective and significant ideas and tips to become the best travel blogger.