AIWAYS U5 Innovative Security System

The Aiways U5 combines a large number of actors with passive safety technologies and convenience measures. It is equipped as standard with 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 HD cameras, 3 millimetre-wave radars and 2 indoor cameras and thus enables a complete, digital all-round view. The sensors and cameras register streets, vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles and help avoid collisions. In addition, 6 airbags and several advanced driver assistance systems ensure your protection. The passenger cell meets the 5-star requirements of Euro NCAP after aiways forum . Additional security features prevent theft or help in emergency situations.

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Thanks to its extremely low centre of gravity, the side tilt is also reduced when cornering. This is reflected in a more agile and dynamic, but always safe driving behaviour. The U5 is ready for autonomous driving (L2 +).

The separation of the dry and wet zone guarantees a level of safety that was previously unattainable, even if the battery should deform or break. Even in the event of a significant impact, the battery module is protected from escaping coolant. This eliminates the risk of fire or even an explosion. In addition, a 15 mm gap between the underside of the battery plate and the battery module serves as impact protection.

Safety (Euro NCAP)

Safety Rating – 3                     Adult Occupant           – 73%

Child Occupant           – 70%               Rating Year – 2019

Vulnerable Road Users           – 45%   Safety Assist – 55%

Adaptive cruise control:

Up to a speed of 130 km / h, a sensor checks your speed and adapts it to the position of the vehicles in front. This ensures a constant safety distance from vehicles in front.

Traffic jam assistant:

The traffic jam assistant increases driving comfort, especially in a stop & go situation. The system takes over acceleration, braking and starting again independently and can also perform steering manoeuvres within certain limits. It remains active up to a speed of 120 km/h

Emergency Brake Assist (AEB):

The emergency braking assistant warns you of an impending collision with another vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian in order to avoid or mitigate it. If you do not take any action yourself, the assistant automatically brakes the vehicle to avoid or at least reduce the impact.

Preventive Collision Protection Assistant (FCW):

The Preventive Collision Protection Assistant detects other vehicles and pedestrians in front of you using detection radar and forward-facing cameras. If your vehicle approaches a vehicle in front of a pedestrian at a speed of over 10 km / h, an alarm tone sounds. Information will also appear on the instrument cluster to remind you to slow down your vehicle and keep a safe distance.

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA):

The lane departure warning helps you to keep your vehicle in the lane. If your vehicle unintentionally leaves the lane, the assistance system detects this by means of a forward-facing camera and automatically corrects steering, braking or acceleration. The assistant is active at speeds between 60 and 120 km / h and also warns you if you take your hands off the steering wheel for more than 8 seconds.

Blind Spot Assistant (BSD):

The Blind Spot Assist helps you to keep track of things and warns you of other approaching vehicles when changing lanes with a buzz and a warning light. The door opening warning device is integrated in the system and warns you and passengers if they want to leave the car and another vehicle is approaching.