Archery tag – an entertaining game

Archery tag is a fun-filled game and a teambuilding game also. This game is played in many places around the world. But archery tag singapore  is very well-known among all of them. There are many more games and activities in Singapore, but the archery tag is unique, and people’s first game choice in Singapore. Since the game is straightforward to play and safe for all age group people. It is also not suggestible for people with minor injuries and kids who cannot understand the game rules. The game is available in different places in Singapore with a turf surface. Certain other archery tag places do not have turf surface, which has a high risk of injuries to the players. The game is popular because of the safety and precautionary measures taken before the game gets started.

Ultimate fun game

archery tag singapore

A minimum of 8 players plays the archery tag game, and a maximum depends on the area of the turf space available. The game is simple, and it is to hit the opponent with arrows provided. This game place can be used for group gatherings such as birthday parties, official team outing, etc. The price of each of them is not fixed; it will be based on the number of people present at the gathering time. The game timing is basically of 2hrs which includes practice sessions, battle sessions, and celebration session. In the practice session, the players will be trained to use the bow and arrows to be provided and the safety prudent to be taken before the game. The battle session includes different gameplay types, which the instructor will tell the players at the time of the game. One who wants to play an archery tag must go through the reviews given to that archery tag places and then book his slot. The quality of things they are providing must be viewed by the person who is going there. The game place will have a play area with some stones and walls made up of cardboard or wood, where the players can hide themselves ad attack their enemies. These temporary defenders are changed frequently, once in three months, to give a fresh gameplay experience to their customers. These changing of set up will also grab new customers to their place. There are different types of packages available to make the customer spend their money worthwhile. The all-inclusive package includes a bow and arrow of moderate quality, safety equipment, and trained person assistance. The premium package is for people planning for gatherings. It includes Mongolian made bows and arrows, a large variety of games, and a well-trained guide at the time of the game. Their birthday gatherings are also done here with some considerable reduction in the amount due to a large number of people will come to that birthday gathering. A small place for the cake cutting and celebrating a birthday and an archery tag game is provided. They often provide space for making barbeques at their place after the archery game time is over so that they can sit and relax when the barbeque item is made.