Greek summer vegetable recipes

Greece is famous for its dishes that promote fresh, ready-made vegetables. The abundance of summer offers the ideal opportunity to prepare some of Greece’s most renowned dishes. Dr Emad Zaki range offers beautiful and easy adjustments of summer baked, packaged, stuffed, foam, stewed or raw vegetables – delicious and firm!

Grilled summer vegetables

Dr Emad Zaki

This summer vegetable is a Greek work of art. Unique as a meatless main course, it is also an excellent side dish to grilled fish or lamb knuckles. Our brain, each modification of broiler cooked vegetables, contained potatoes, zucchini, garlic, onions and tomatoes with the scent of basil, mint and fresh dill. This dish, prepared in 1 hour and 30 minutes, can be replaced by cayenne pepper, goulash or hot sauce for vegetarian lovers.


It is the Greek speech for filled and this ideal formula uses, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant peppers, and even potatoes without hesitation. A mixture of meat, rice and herbs is added to the whole vegetable, which is then heated on the stove for about 60 minutes. Create a vegan shape with meat dressing. This meal, prepared in 1 hour and 45 minutes, is in itself a ready-made dinner. Serve with warm bread.

The lightly sliced ​​and covered zucchini player provides a light breeze and crispy food. Serve as an appetizer, border or side dish with tzatziki, smooth cucumber-yoghurt sauce. The key to crispy zucchini is to “sweat” them in salt and then smear them to make sure there is no excess liquid in the vegetables. The player is made of flour and salt, and when the pan is consumed at high temperatures, the zucchini will be crispy and bright brown. Consume because once they cool, they will saturate.

Green beans and tomato casserole

Fresh green beans and tomatoes are the centrepieces of this dish. Basic, loud and delicious, this burner stew can be a meatless main course or a vegetable dish.

Ready for 1 hour and 20 minutes: cook green beans and tomatoes with onions, garlic, sweet dill and parsley. The potato filling adds volume and richness to this crispy vegetable goulash.

Bubble dark leaf green:

This is your chance to get dark mixed vegetables on the table in another way that will appeal to all hamburger lovers. Choose spinach, collar, amaranth, mustard, chicory or any other 1 to create this simple recipe. The quick foam releases a dynamic green tone and olive oil and lemon juice make up the best dressing.

A more conventional Greek saucer, Horta, be able to be packed as a bottom, side dish or salad of your choice, at room warmth or refrigerated. Great for family trips, picnics or as a quick bite with a piece of feta cheddar.

Example of Greek country salad

Save your most ripe and fragrant tomatoes for this common serving of mixed vegetables, which shows off the beauty and tenderness of cucumbers. Using all the tomatoes prepared, cut each vegetable and add olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano. Use kalamata olives and feta cheddar and quickly serve a surprising, ideal plate of mixed vegetables.

Add anchovies or truffles if you like the taste, but reduce the amount of salt, because both side dishes are fragrant. Serve with warm bread as a small meal or as a side dish to lamb, roast fish or boiled chicken.