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Jointly, those  West Texas wind farms can produce as much as 270 megawatts Green Mountain Energy clients are already doing their part, stopping extra than eight.7 billion kilos of carbon dioxide (CO2) from getting into the ecosystem in 2021, by selecting renewable strength and carbon offset merchandise. To illustrate the effect, that’s equal to planting 1 million trees, taking 919,000 motors off the road, or 22. nine million families turning their lighting fixtures off for 12 months. Since 1997, Green Mountain Energy clients have together averted 98 New Power Texas Reviews . nine billion kilos of carbon dioxide, equal to planting extra than eleven million trees. The 2021 numbers mirror an endured shift in attitude to pick smooth strength assets. Green Mountain Energy additionally advances sustainability via its charitable software, Sun Club®. Since its founding in 2002, Sun Club has donated extra than $eleven million to 143 nonprofit agencies throughout Texas and the Northeast. In 2021 alone, Sun Club donated $1.three million to fund 10 tasks; generated 18 million kWh of sun energy; averted over four million kilos of carbon dioxide; captured 10 million gallons of rainwater; and grew 177,550 kilos of produce. Sun Club collaborates with nonprofit agencies on tasks that target renewable strength, strength efficiency, aid conservation, and environmental stewardship. To study extra approximately Green Mountain Energy and Sun Club or to use for a Sun Club provide, “As a renewable strength provider, Green Mountain Energy is poised to steer the manner to a sustainable destiny,” stated Mark Parsons, vice chairman and widespread supervisor of Green Mountain Energy.

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“As extra human beings prioritize defensive the planet, we’re glad to provide sensible answers to lessen their carbon footprint, beginning with the strength they use day-to-day. Together, we will alternate the manner energy is made.” Green Mountain gives quite a few alternatives for clients to harness the energy of the solar to sustainably meet their strength needs. For example, the Go Local Solar plan is Green-e® Energy licensed and permits Texas citizens to energy their houses with one hundred% sun energy, whether or not they very own their domestic or rent, without a roof required and 0 up-the-front expenses. To offset clients’ strength utilization, Green Mountain Energy purchases renewable strength certificates from sun parks in Texas. Customers who sign on for the SolarSPARC® (Smart People Accelerating Renewable Change) energy plan assist fund quite a few tasks, applications, and technology geared toward making sun strength extra low cost, effective, and to be had in neighborhood groups. Such projects can also additionally consist of residential and industrial rebates to make sun extra low cost; subsidies for strength garage and different progressive technology; and helping new enterprise fashions supposed to decrease sales, set up, and system expenses.

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Not most effective are clients supporting the increase of solar energy, however additionally they earn an annual credit score that grows over time. Past SolarSPARC tasks consist of rooftop sun arrays for Elbow Creek Wind Farm, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Camp Hope, the Houston Food Bank, AMLI Residential, and extra. Check out all of the tasks and applications supported through SolarSPARC funds. To study extra approximately a way to take the subsequent step towards sustainability with renewable strength plans, go to About Green Mountain Energy Company Green Mountain Energy Company is the nation’s longest-serving renewable strength store and believes in the use of wind, solar, and water for excellence. The employer turned into based in 1997 with an easy venture: to alternate the manner energy is made. Green Mountain gives purchasers and corporations the selection of purifier energy merchandise from renewable assets, in addition to quite a few carbon offset merchandise and sustainable answers for corporations.