If I divorced my husband can I take my baby girl with me? If not what should I do to take my baby girl with me?

If a husband and wife want divorce among themselves they can petition filed in court. This decision can be made on either side it may be from the husband’s side or wife side. This divorce case comes under civil action. Another act named domestic violence act if the husband forces his wife or him to bully his wife she can complain about his husband to the nearby police station. According to the domestic violence act this case could be handled.

To get a positive result for your case you should have the best and well-trained attorney to argue your case. Hire best divorce attorney in fort worth After hiring an attorney for your case you should explain your case in detail. Then your attorney will give you some ideas for your case. Before, you need to submit some proofs to your attorney.

In divorce case both the side (husband and wife) should be affordable reasons that why the couples applied for divorce. If your husband or wife is not interested in getting divorced from you he can raise a petition named conjugal rights. By this petition, the court comes forward to join them.

The reason for your divorce should be affordable and should be agreeable to the judges who handle your case. Some people may feel discomfort sexuality between them or the husband cheats his wife or if the men or women disable to hold a baby or if you feel that your husband or wife has an unsound mind and they often feel discomfort and torturous feel in you. These are some examples of a reason to get a divorce from your life partner.

Who all can apply for a divorce?

If you marry a 17 year or under 17-year girl you cannot apply for divorce. And if both husband and wife are mismatched among them and not even a single thing matches them they can apply for divorce.

If you have any of the above reason you can apply for divorce in court. First, if the husband and wife have a girl child the court will not handle the baby to this father. For baby girls, the mother will be the nature of the guardian. But the women have unsound mind the baby girl will be handled to his father.

Every attorney you hire will be paid for the cases they handle. There are many divorce attorneys in Fort Worth by visiting the find law website; you can see some review about the lawyers. Well experienced and who handled many divorce cases in their field can help you soon. But you should pay more to hire them. After choosing your lawyer come forward and discuss the complete problem to the attorney.

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The husband and wife should hire a separate attorney to handle their cases.

If your wife is under 18 aged and you wish to divorce her according to law it is an illegal act and you should wait until your wife aged 19. Only that your divorce case will be argued by the lawyer. Some countries will not allow their citizens to get a divorce. For example the Philippines. In the Philippines, their citizens are not allowed to get divorced but other country citizens who live there can apply for divorce.