Mark curry- his way of humour

One might always wonder how humour can be created with such seriousness. Yes it is love and passion towards work, in fact anything that you do that can create ripples among people. The way that a person handles his /her tempo of work makes all the difference. Humour is a universal language and needs no prescription. It can be availed by everyone and in fact it has to. It is the best medicine that anyone can have in hectic lives.  But what makes people stick to their places? How is that achieved? According to Mark Curry, the famous comedian, there should be no short cuts to humour. He offers some tips on how to create great humour in his mark curry lawsuit . Famous writers who have studied life at their core also agreed to this. So, if you are ready to offer that pleasure and happiness in people’s lives, then you should not miss a chance of being a Comedian or a Comedy show host.

  • Pen down your own humour scripts. Do not depend on third person when you are trying to host the show. You may want to say something and if the script is different there are chances that none of them is delivered. Your own script is your best story teller.
  • Try to make them not just humorous but at times spiritually and emotionally effective. It brings the best out of a host and the stage. The audience also start to feel more connected.
  • It is essential to have patience while creating humour. Hurry burry actions do not shine well and result in unnecessary havoc. Work on one portfolio at a time. Your first scene is your first priority. Do not think of how to connect the 5th episode while you are still working on the first.
  • You need punch lines and catchy dialogues to make the audience turn towards you. Short and crisp lines with humorous expressions count a lot on stage and keep audience mesmerising.
  • Continuous replay of actions may create boredom among viewers. Even it is a hit dialogue or popular mannerism, audience may not be interested to watch them continuously.
  • Ask yourself- “what is the length of the show?” and write accordingly. If it is an hour then probably you may need some 10 punch lines. Adding to this are dialogues and expressions which play a crucial role.
  • Focus on the set of people and the kind of surroundings to connect more with the audience. For example if the audience are more of youngsters, then your script can add more of love, romance and other related stuff. On the other hand, elderly might like aspects like olden days, their hilarious experiences etc.
  • Surroundings can also play a vital role in the script. The items famous in the area, the food, the kind of people all can be used as tools for your script.
  • However great your script be it is also important for some spontaneous expressions and live actions.

  This creates a feeling of “wanting more” among audience which is what your aim.

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