New trending games for outdoor and indoor

laser tag  is the game that is played in the indoor studio. There is no restriction in the number of the player. If they are willing to play the game they are being allowed to be played. There are many levels in the game. The laser emitting guns and the infrared targets are the equipment used to play the game. There are many studios and the escape rooms are be in the city nowadays. So many people are be liking this game and enjoy the time with their family and friends. Nowadays it has been ranked as the most liked game by all the age groups.

Paintball game

Paintball games are shooting games. This is an outdoor game. It wants some empty ground and there wants some hiding spots to hide their body. In the game, they divide the person into two teams. For example, if there is an 8 person who comes to play 4 on one team and other 4 on one team they had to play the battle. It is a team game. The dye capsules bullets and the guns are be needed to play the game. The organizing team is provided all the pieces of equipment and the vest for protection. So they had to fight between the teams with the guns. This the method of playing the games. This game is very famous nowadays.

Kart racing game

laser tag

Kart racing games are the games played in the outdoor. It is the track games so it has to want the racing track to play the games. It is an internationally recognized famous game. The kart looks like the mini formula racing cars. It has the 4 wheels. And the motor power is low compared to a racing car. So it also needed the helmet and the full racing gadgets to play the game. Nowadays it is seen in all the big cities. So many kids and teenagers are be liking the game.

Airsoft game

Airsoft game is played in the outdoor. It is similar to the paint ball game. So this is also the shooting game. They need an equal of two teams to play the games. It is played with the air guns and the plastic made bullets. So they also need a protective vest and the helmet to play games. So without any protection, if the bullet hit the body. It will seriously hurt an made the wound. So the vest and the helmet are very important for the shooting games. There is proper protection the games get very interesting to play.

Ten-pin bowling game

The Ten-pin bowling game is the indoor games. It has been placed in many malls and the gaming center. All the players are being allowed to play the games. The rules of the games are there is a 10 pin which means it shapes like the plastic coke bottles it has to stand in order. There is one ball there. With the help of the ball, we have to bowl the ball to destroy the pin. This is the game, who destroys all the pin in one ball is the winner.