Pattern, pattern: it is everywhere

We can see the patterns everywhere like acting. Do you agree with me? Both are vice versa. Do you know the repeat patterns ? Yes, you can see the acting everywhere. Maybe you are also part of it. likewise Shakespeare said the world is like a drama stage. Yes, I am with Shakespeare. In your daily, you should act at some points. This is the pattern of this world and this is a pattern of humanity. Every person follows their patterns in their life. Can you with me on this? Do you know M.G. Ramachandran? Yes, there are many Ramachandran available. So we get confused, right? Do you know M.G.R? I hope there is no confusion about this because there is one and only M.G.R, right? We knew the two shades of the M.G.R. the one is a fantabulous actor and the other one is a great politician or otherwise our former chief minister, right? A whole Tamilnadu people love him even today. Yeah, he passed out more than 30 years ago but he lives in our heart even today. we saw his movies. He was famous for his fights. In the fight, he also follows his pattern in every movie he acted. Yeah he set his unique pattern in his movies. The pattern was first he bought three punches from villain then he will give his tremendous punch. Otherwise he didn’t fight. This was the pattern he follows. Likewise there is pattern everywhere.

Homemade pattern:

repeat patterns

Everyone has a dream about buying use or build a home. Do you know what makes your home looks better? My answer tiles. Yeah, some peoples think about granites, right? Their thought changes according to their wealth. Yes, according to me we can talk about the tiles. Yes, granites are quite expensive for me. Not only quite it is very expensive for me. We should select the beautiful for our beautiful homes, right? Do you know what makes tiles more beautiful? My answer is patterns or repeated pattern design. Every tile has its n pattern. It makes tiles more attractive. There are a lot of designs are available in tiles like flowers, animal picture and many varieties of designs available but they has own pattern.

How to make a handmade pattern?

Do you know the handmade patterns? Yes, we can make the patterns on our own hands. We can use as book covers, gift wrappers, and whatever we want. If we follow the five steps below, then we should make the best handmade pattern design.

Draw a design: first of all, clear with your designs. Then take a paper. And then draw a design in the paper. It should be whatever you thought.

Cut and flip: after a draw, a design in your paper then cut a paper or design into half and flips it. Don’t forget to save with the outer edges.

Repeat cut: and then cut the other off of the design and then flip this too. Then tape them.

Draw the blank space: and then don’t forget to draw the blank space in your design

Assemble: this is a major part. Then assemble them according to your wish.