Santa Cruz real estate – An Introduction

Do you have any idea of the Santa Cruz real estate market? At the first and the foremost look or glance, it will be like the market if the real estate is becoming down in the city in the year 2018 in the errand of the buyers as the demand of the housing started to shrink much earlier in this current year. While the trends of the market often will be viewing the buyer being very low activity in the season of the holidays, the neighboring market has begun to get down slowly in the year 2018 the homes were sold below the price they were asking. So before getting in the market report for the Santa Cruz real-estate, you can look into the webpage and get all the information and all the detail related to the homes in Santa Cruz and then proceed for buying a home in the city. When it comes to the Santa Cruz homes and the real estate, the average homes that were sold in November and December were 97.2 and 98.3 in the months respectively and among all the houses and property which were sold only nineteen percentages were more than the asking price.

Homes in the city

Some of the homeowners may be hesitant to buy their homes, and this will be depending on so many factors and the reasons. One of the reason or the factor is due to the taxes. The taxes can be the motive why a majority of the owners of the home will not prefer for selling the property because of their anticipation in paying the tax that is the high scaled property tax in case the user has to move to the home which is high priced. And also, the tax that is the capital gains tax to sell the home can be substantial.

There are many kinds of the homes in the Santa Cruz like the single-family homes or the apartment building flats where the homes are cozy in the county of the Santa Cruz with the front yard which is beautifully landscaped. You may have the doubt of how long the homes of the Santa Cruz are available? the days which are average on the market are welling form thirty-three days in the month of August and to fifty-four in the month of September and this is in the year 2018. It is the big jump relatively compared to the Santa Clara county ranging from twenty-two to twenty-seven days. In the month of October, the days which are median to seek the home in the Santa Cruz was thirty-five days up from twenty days when it is done in comparison with the previous years.


In order to get the better understanding of the slowdown of the real estate market of the Santa Cruz in 2018, there are few fundamental things such as the increase in the mortgage rates and the pressure that was put on the affordability. So, what are you still waiting for?