SEO Training and the Right Results for You

Search engine optimization is a field that is often discussed these days. It underlies the online success of countless companies at home and abroad. But what exactly is search engine optimization and how can you use it to achieve the online goals of your company? You can visit to satisfy your needs.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is the Dutch name for the field Search Engine Optimization. In most cases, this is abbreviated to SEO by specialists. There is a good chance that you have already seen this term. Because in 2019 SEO is not only of added value for companies; it is actually even indispensable.

Before we discuss the added value of search engine optimization, we first explain its meaning. Search engine optimization means as the name suggests, optimization for the search engine. This means in most cases optimization of a website. That is because companies want to be easier to find in the search engine.

In 99% of the cases, that search engine is Google, which is used by almost everyone to look up information. Standing high in Google assures your website of visitors, without having to advertise for it. But you don’t get high on this search engine you first have to optimize your website.

And that is exactly what SEO focuses on. Specialists in search engine optimization know exactly how you can bring a website high in Google and beat the competition. This company uses an algorithm to position sites in the search results. Anyone who knows which elements the algorithm values ​​highly can therefore positively influence their position.

However, Google is not fussy with information about the algorithm used. After all, it is not the intention that companies manipulate their search position the intention is that users are presented with the best possible information. The algorithm therefore also takes into account possible manipulation and penalizes over-optimization with a lower position in the search results.

You are now aware of the general meaning of search engine optimization, but you do not yet know how to use this to your advantage. The secret of every successful SEO specialist is his ability to move around in Google. What does this company want to see from a website? This is the key to success.

Let us illustrate the above with an example: the page you are currently viewing. It is clear to you that this page is about search engine optimization, but how does that happen?

The answer is obvious. The term ‘search engine optimization’ is regularly used on the page. Not only in the title and the website address (the URL), but also in the text. This allows you to see at a glance that the article is about search engine optimization.

Just as you see it, the same applies to Google’s algorithm. The Googlebot that visits this page detects that the term ‘search engine optimization’ is relatively common compared to other terms.

The bot also sees this search term in the title, URL and multiple headings and subheadings. From this, the algorithm concludes that the page is probably about search engine optimization. In other words: this page is relevant for the search engine optimization.