The Fascinating Polished Concrete Diamond pads

Diamond polishing pads are used to polish all floor types such as stone, glass, ceramic, crystal, granite and concrete floors, and they also extend the life of the floors. It is a wise choice to use the polished concrete diamond pads for your floor and countertops. It is commonly used in all places such as schools, colleges, hospitals and also in many workplaces. It is a very time-consuming process because twelve steps of grinding are required during this process.

Initially, it starts with 30/60 grit diamond and completes with 800, 1500 or3000 grit diamonds depending upon the gross level required. The polishing is done at the stage of 50grit diamond resin pad. A chemical named Densifier is used in the above process in order to fill the pores and harden the surface which gives an extended life for the floor. Many architects and building contractors choose polished concrete diamond pads for their buildings because of its long-lasting nature.

Types of Diamond Polishing Pads

polished concrete diamond pads

There is a huge variety of diamond polishing pads in the market; each one is used for a different purpose depending upon the floor types. It is manufactured in various places like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Jaipur, etc. Wet Diamond Polishing Pads that are specially designed for wet polishing done in the fabrication shops next is the Dry Diamond Polishing Pads that is designed for dry environments like our house and workplaces for polishing marbles and granite. Metal Bond Diamond pad are aggressive and used for polishing hard granite and concrete.

Advantages of Using Polished Concrete Floor

The first and foremost benefit of using a polished concrete floor is its life; it gives an extended life for the floor. It is durable, and it does not cause any dent or damages as other floor types do. Next is its everlasting brightness, the floor is always bright and shiny and even after years. Even though the floor is so smooth and glossy it is not slippery; the floor is slip-resistant and oil-resistant so that it can be used in workplaces and homes. As it is a good oil- resistant it is used in many factories and service stations as it very easy to clean the floors, it also resists the tire marks of trucks and other vehicles.

Using a polished concrete floor is economical when compared to other floor coverings. It is very easy to clean the floor, no chemical or solution is required to clean the floor it can be cleaned with just pure water hence the maintenance cost is also very less compared with other floor coverings. It is Eco-friendly too. There are some special benefits too in using the polished concrete floor; it absorbs the dust mites and some allergen problems also which is very good for our health. These floors also improve natural lighting of the place which reduces the use of artificial lights. Polished Concrete Diamond Floor and countertops are the best décors you can choose for your home and workplace.