Tips To Choose the best Contact Lenses

People interested in trying something new to have a better look can opt for contact lenses. People got bored with eyeglasses and those who are not comfortable wearing eyeglasses on regular basis can go for contact lenses.  The contact lenses are available in various types, regular, disposable and contacts that add color to the eyes especially red contacts

Tips to be noted:  The prime thing to be done by people is to choose the type of contacts. There are two types of contacts soft and hard. Majority of people choose soft contacts however hard contacts are good for eyes. Hard lenses are used by people suffering from astigmatism and other medical conditions in which protein deposits form on the contact lenses. After selecting the type of contacts, they have to decide on vision accomplishment and time duration required to replace the contacts. There are multiple varieties of contacts available.

red contacts

Daily wear contact lenses:  The daily contact lenses come in less cost compared to other contacts. The contacts have to be taken out during the night without any infection and have to be placed carefully. The replaceable time for contacts varies from two weeks to three months. It purely depends on the brand and type used by the wearer.

Contacts that are disposable: Disposable contacts which are used on daily basis are disposed of after use. Disposable lenses which are used for weekly and on monthly basis have to be taken care of as regular contact lenses. Disposable lenses are good options for allergies, and disposable contacts are more expensive than regular contacts.

Extended wear contact lenses:  These contacts are worn overnight. However, they have to be removed once a week to clean to avoid infection. Extended contact lenses are not good even though it is removed once in a week. Contacts must not be worn during the night as it reduces the inflow of oxygen leading to eye infections especially corneal infections.  Doctors advise not to wear extended wear contact lenses.

Colored contacts: Colored contacts are worn to change the color of the eyes. The brownish eyes may turn to red contacts and the blue contacts change your eye to blue. These colored contacts are purely used for making up purpose and are used to correct the vision as well.

Toric contact lenses: These types of lenses are used for the purpose of correcting astigmatism. Astigmatism is the condition where the vision is blurred due to irregularly shaped lenses or Cornea inside the eye.

Multifocal contact lenses: Multifocal contact lenses are preferred to those people who face problems in bringing close objects into focus. These conditions are generally observed in aged people. So in order to correct the vision bifocal or multifocal contacts are used by the aged people. With the help of the monovision method contact lens for distance is used in the dominant eye and a contact lens for near vision in the non-dominant eye. The bifocal or multifocal lens is used in the non-dominant eye with the help of a modified monovision technique. These contacts will serve the purpose of people who cannot tackle with blurriness.

These are the various types of contact lenses available and the people must be aware of these contacts and must order the contacts only with a prescription from the eye doctor.