Use adblocker to stay safe

An ad Block is a tool developed to block unwanted ads from appearing on a webpage. An ad Blocker may work as a stand-alone program or a customized service or as an extension in a web browser or the operating system. Blocking ads help you save your much important time. Adblock is a great way to keep yourself away from ads that bother you or distract your attention. It is important to know that when you load a web page the ads which appear with the content are not actually a part of that page, but they are stored on a third party server and gets delivered to this platform. It means that some third party is keeping an eye on all your online activities. Using an adBlocker help you to keep away all these intrusions and have a safe browsing experience.


An adblocker software targets all ads like sticky ads, pop-ups, auto-playing videos or audios, banner ads or any other ads and allow the users to surf the web without any distractions or interruptions. Different software’s works in different way. Some work with Windows or other operating system to block all pop-ups and ads. Others may act as standalone programs. Some may be add-ons for an operating system or a particular browser. You get a wide range of options to block out different kinds of ads. Some programs function by deleting cookies or other Web markers thereby effectively limiting the number of ads.

Benefits of blocking ads :

  • It saves your data consumption. Sometimes the popup ads or audios and videos which get auto played chew more than have of your data pack. So if you wish to experience an ad-free browsing and save your data, then choosing to block ads may really help you. Once you take out online ads then you will have very less data to download which will be good news for you especially when you are using a limited data plan.
  • Many ads which appear on a website may be infectious or harmful. Blocking ads help you to avoid your system getting infected from viruses and malwares. It also keeps you away from illegal phishing and other online scams thereby saving the misuse of your personal information.
  • When adblockers stop unnecessary texts, images or videos which come with online ad, the browser will actually be free enough to concentrate on loading actual content of the site. This makes your work much faster and easier without wastage of data.

Another important reason to block ads is to avoid distractions. While browsing internet most of the people prefer to stay away from ads because they feel repeated ads may hamper their attention. Spending time on ads which are unrelated to their search or which are just created for marketing purpose is a total waste of time. People working with tight packed schedules don’t wish to waste a single second on such irrelevant ads. So blocking ads help them to save their money, attention and time.