Watch movies online: where to find series and movies in HD

The quality of the image has evolved a lot and movie lovers and series that do not spend a weekend without doing a marathon in streaming services are seeking more and more quality in these moments at home cinema. We separate these tips to make your home look more and more movie-like, and you can watch movies online easily on Indoxxi


Where to start?

Nothing is better to enjoy movies and shows in high resolution than a good Full HD or 4K TV. In addition to having a good-sized screen, you can still pair other devices to play full HD or 4K content without problems, such as blue-rays and streaming players.

You can also combine high resolution with other useful features that the market offers. One of these is Smart TV applications that can connect to the internet, bringing the content that is unique to you. So you join the helpful, (a high-resolution TV) to the enjoyable (with practical internet access).

To complement your smart TV, you can search for a Blu-ray player, which plays movies and series with the high quality resolution, or even a notebook, which in addition to being connected to the TV and playing high-resolution content, you can get an already with an HD screen and take a great resolution to anywhere.

Where to find this content in high definition

And, if you’re having trouble watching movies online in high definition, streaming players are great acquisitions. We currently have Apple TV and ChromeCast, small devices that ensure online navigation on your TV screen. This gives you access to streaming sites and services that offer Full HD or 4K movies and series, as well as unique applications, which vary depending on the manufacturer you choose.

We also list these sites below if buying a streaming player is not yet in their plans. In this case, just connect your notebook to your TV. Take a look at the advantages:

The most popular streaming subscription service, Indoxxi, brings acclaimed movies and series, as well as producing great content of its own. The site is free as it serves ads before the movies. Also contracted by subscription, it is available to subscribers of channels in pay-TV packages. If you are a series fan, you can subscribe to this service.

Watching movies over the Internet is an increasingly common activity. By requiring the transfer of a large amount of data in a short period of time, it has only become possible thanks to an evolution in the speed of the Internet.

What is streaming?

Before knowing the options of transmission services, it is fundamental to understand what is streaming, which can be translated as “transmission.” The term means a kind of temporary download. The company that provides the content transmits the movie to the customer in real time. However, unlike a regular download, the file is not available to that client at the end of the stream.

For this to be possible, small pieces of the film are transferred in short time slots and erased when they are no longer needed. In this way, the speed of the Internet interferes directly with the experience, because an insufficient connection can cause blocking and even stop the movie in certain cases.