What You Need for the WordPress Plugins is essential

What does SEO have to do with the theme? All. The structure of your graphics and related plugins play a very important role in optimizing your site. Using WordPress Plugins is essential there.

WordPress Plugins

Terms, support and tutorials

When choosing the WordPress theme for your blog, always pay attention to the terms of use. For example, if a theme requires an exaggerated amount of backlinks, it is best to avoid it. Finally, it is very important that a valid support service is linked to the chosen theme and offers installation and management tutorials. In case of problems, you don’t want to find yourself having to solve them yourself. Using WordPress Plugins is essential there.

Put yourself in the order of ideas that choosing a WordPress theme takes time: the web is full of themes, paid or free, with the necessary calm and attention you can find what is right for you.

How to install a WordPress theme

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you need to install it. Read the guide on How to Install a WordPress Theme in 5 Minutes. If instead, you have enrolled in our WordPress Fundamentals course, you will find a video lesson dedicated to this topic. In reality, your site already has a theme installed, namely the default WordPress 2014 (TwentyFourteen). To change it go to your WordPress dashboard, choose ‘Appearance’ and ‘Themes’.

In the screen that opens click on the top on ‘Add New’. From here you can search and select the free theme you like.

If instead you have chosen and downloaded a paid theme, on the same page click on ‘Upload’ at the top and select the .zip folder that you have downloaded. Choose ‘Install now’ and finally ‘Activate’. Done.

Support WordPress

Have you chosen the theme you prefer? Once installed you can move on to the next chapter. You just have to select the next lesson and start reading what you need to do to create a website. There is still little time until you can start publishing your first article!

After making a multitude of purchases on the Themeforest marketplace, in the section dedicated to WordPress themes, I try to collect some tips in this article not to be screwed and to better select a new theme for your site or for the customer you are working for…

Choosing a graphic theme is very important for a number of reasons:

  • must meet our needs
  • must facilitate our work (and not the other way around)
  • must be safe
  • it must be updated with time and follow the development of the CMS
  • must continue to provide support and not be withdrawn from commerce
  • it must save us money (and if we have to buy more than one this point is lost)

What is Envato?

The Envato community, originally from Melbourne in Australia, collects the products of professionals from all over the world, willing to sell graphic themes, software, images (banners, mockups, logos, etc), layouts, photographs, audio and video in format digital.

How are the services of this marketplace composed?

The Envato platform offers various digital services inside:

  • Envato Market: for the sale of resources
  • Envato studio: to search for services offered by designers and developers
  • Envato tuts +: to buy tutorials and courses
  • Envato sites: for the creation of websites (this service will be active soon)
  • Envato Elements : a subscription, costing $ 49 / month to be able to download an infinite number of templates, fonts, icons, etc from the different stores on the platform;