Why choose stratum for your next team building event?

Laser label games are vivid and invigorating. There are endless situations that can be played out. From the straight-forward essential shoot outs to vital salvage missions – there is something for everybody. You can look over changed topical encounters to suit your goals, financial plan, and setting.

Laser tag for team building

Playing a laser tag team building label requires consistent collaboration and steady participation with your colleagues. Laser label assembles trust, encourages group construction, and improves relational abilities. This is extraordinary for associations hoping to construct better kinship between or inside offices.

Laser tag is a very compelling method of getting individuals to cooperate, frequently wrecking social boundaries through fun and cordial battle. As your office strategizes and cooperates to accomplish a shared objective, securities will be framed and connections reinforced.

Because of its tendency, the laser label will characteristically give a feeling of group pride, fellowship, improved relational abilities, solid rivalry, and a lot of fun. Layer offers an assortment of group building programs made to meet explicit targets and objectives. Contact our function group to help decide the program that will best address your group’s issues.

Laser tag team-building

Mission possible

laser tag team building

Ideal for bunches who are hoping to upgrade group initiative and relational abilities. The mission is to cooperate to create, plan, and actualize a methodology to lead their group to triumph through the course of 3 exciting and serious laser label games!


An incredible method to separate obstructions and spotlight on creating group relations. For the sake of sound rivalry and cooperation, your group will build up a more grounded feeling of fellowship, compatibility, and group solidarity! This program is additionally an incredible method to create group coordinated effort and cooperation.

Tank challenge

This is an engaging, testing, and fun approach to set the significance of how group coordinated effort can be utilized to arrive at a shared objective. Your facilitator will lead you through a progression of games where you should work with your accomplice and your group to build up a methodology that will lead the whole group to progress by improving relational abilities.

Base challenge

An intuitive program that accentuates group availability and urges groups to cooperate interestingly. Your facilitator will lead you through a progression of vital end style games that are tied around catch the banner sort game arrangements. This program expects you to shield the skipper and group from rout giving an incredible method to people to associate with new authority.

Activity team fusion initiative

This program will animate your group’s inventiveness, energy, and enthusiasm for cooperation as they combine their abilities to shape one firm group unit! Group pioneers will direct the laser label starts to triumph as they take an interest in random data, laser label games, and various difficulties while utilizing restricted assets and time. This program will upgrade bunch communication, group brotherhood, and the effect every individual has in their group in general.

Scrounger hunt relay race

This is a relentless, vital function that will cultivate collaborator relations and create sound rivalry and improved assurance. This program will incorporate transfer races, group forager chase difficulties, and random data addresses that grant extra focuses or another test! Additionally, an incredible path for the initiative to coordinate organization preparing and information pleasantly during an organization meeting! This program will cultivate bunch collaboration through a pleasant spot and social group building program.