Raid recovery helps you

Modern storage units like hard disks, Memory cards, CD’s DVDs etc give you vast storage space. But with the massive data being stored on these devices there is a huge challenge to the data storage technology. RAID is one technology invented to overcome such challenges. RAID is a data storage virtualization technology developed to combine multiple physical disk drive components into one or more logical units. It helps to improve data redundancy and performance of the system. Data is distributed across the drives in one of several ways, referred to as RAID levels. RAID helps you to store the same data in different places on multiple hard disks. This method of storing the same data in multiple places helps to protect the data in case of a drive failure. But like every technology, RAID can also crash due to many reasons and raid recovery is very important to restore all those stored data. It is quite complicated because of its complex design and it is mandatory that the data recovery team should understand the configuration level of RAID hardware, firmware, and software before they attempt data recovery from a raid system.

Data recovery process to retrieve lost data

raid recovery

RAID MAY crash or get corrupted due to several issues like RAID Array Failure, RAID controller failure, Damaged Strip, Server unable to Boot, RAID configuration corrupted or overwritten, Rebuild Failure, Hardware Failure, Volume or Partition not found or soon, which might leave the data unusable or even loss of data. RAID data recovery refers to a process by which corrupted or lost data can be recovered and restored from a RAID storage architecture. RAID data recovery differs from standard data recovery processes because the RAID storage architecture uses the unique and complex method of storing and extracting data. The data recovery process can be implemented on both hardware and software levels. RAID data recovery can be done using a combination of automated and manual processes. The data stored in RAID drives can be extracted and restored to a safe location. Data Recovery is required when technical errors like a Faulty hard disk or controllers, Application or software corruption, Reformatting or overwriting of data occurs.

For a successful RAID recovery all RAID storage arrays must be reconstructed to their original configuration or last known good settings. If you need to recover all your data in the RAID system successfully, then you should first identify the exact RAID array and then choose suitable software which can successfully work at all hardware, software and firmware level to get back the lost or corrupted data.

When a hard drive fails because of physical damage you may need some serious work to be done by the professionals. If you get your drive to a data recovery specialist, they use certain sophisticated software to assure that data recovery is done to the best possible extent. This can be done by rebuilding parts of the hard drive or by creating a disk image to repair the corrupted parts. But the cost of rebuilding parts or proprietary imaging technologies is very high and thus the cost of professional data recovery is also quite high.